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Dear friends of the animals,

A Heart for the Animals is an organization for the protection of animals and the environment, formed by enthusiasts, who publicly advocate animals rights, which is also written out in our activity goals. 

Our goals are:

1.Spreading the word about the unity of man with animals and nature as well as development  of the ecological and higher ethic and moral qualities, because it stands for equal rights of life, as for the man, so for the animals, plants and minerals, in order to achieve absolute freedom of the animals and uninterrupted life based on their kinds;
2. Building up and development of the ecological awareness and protection of the living environment;
3. Vegetarian diet and way of life as well as promotion of it;
4. Peaceful nature-sustainable agricultural production;
5. Nature-sustainable dealing with forests and national parks.

We pledge to:

1. Abolish hunting and turning national parks and animal sanctuaries into hunting grounds;
2. Help animals raised at large farms and those who are raised and kept for experimental, scientific or other purpose.

Promote the rights for descent life of all animals.

1. With our activities to bring a change and add to the Constitution and the Laws which guarantee animals the right to life, complete freedom, living space, protection from human terror, protection from exploitation, torture and killing;

2. To influence change of the public awareness as to reduce or stop: killing of animals, fattening of livestock for food, fattening of the animals for the needs of various industries, abuse of the animals as pets, abuse of the animals for amusement or experiments, abuse of animals for all other selfish human reasons, all kinds of hunting and fishing, slaughter houses, butcher shops and fish markets, genetic manipulation, transport of animals and other unnatural takes on the life of animals (destruction of the life of the soil by using pesticides and other chemical solutions) production and use of unnatural and not appropriate food for animals. The primary goal of our activities is to remove the reasons for which nature and animals may suffer in various ways, and that is, without a doubt the lack of knowledge and disinformation of the people.

If you would like, you may order the flyer of the organization "A Heart for the Animals", which is free of charge and available for everyone. In it you will find more information about:

the goals of the organization;
contact and membership information;

famous people quotes about animals;

The following article titles: “The lie about genetic manipulation“, “Proven: Hunting is unnecessary“, “Meat eating rapidly encreases the chances of getting sick!“, “Concentration camps for animals“, “Did you know that 300 million of animals yearly suffer from experiments on animals?“, “Ruthless transport“, “Slaughter in the 'klling factories', so called butcher shops, “The animals in Macedonia have no rights“, “How would you feel if one truck full of feces was pooured over your head?, “Household pets then homeless!“

Organization for the protection of animals and the environment, “A HEART FOR THE ANIMALS“
P.Box 420, 1000 Skopje,R.Macedonia
tel. ++389 (0)2 53 11 432
cell. ++ 389 (0)75 800 765

email: info@srcezazivotnite.org.mk